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Wool tops take pride in the traceability of all our wool and undyed yarns

Wool tops take pride in the traceability of all our wool. We source our wool primarily within the United Kingdom, including the British Falkland Islands, but also from select farms from all around the world. We get to know our farmers and we get to know their sheep that produce (Mulesing-free) premium wool. Working together to ensure our product matches the quality our customers expect.

From farm to to the highest quality spun undyed yarn is what we are all about.


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From Sheep to Skein!

We here at Wool Tops are very proud of our traceability and are passionate about wool which is why we...

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New yarns for 2017 - Bluefaced Leicester 4ply !

We have some great new undyed natural yarns planned for 2017. We are proud to offer our new 100% Bluefaced...

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New 5ply yarn just spun!

We have just added our latest spinning lot of natural British spun 5ply yarn.  It's a great traditional yarn undyed,...

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