The Bluefaced Leicester

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This week I have been busy sorting through a bale of Devon grown Bluefaced Leicester fleece.  Bluefaced Leicester is well known as one of the UK’s finest sheep breeds.


The fibre is fine, silky and lustrous. It is a long wool with an average staple length of 3 to 6 inches and has a finer, softer fleece compared to many others in the long wool family.

The Bluefaced Leciester has fast become a very popular breed – this is because the fibre is so soft and luxurious, but also has durability and wears incredibly well. The fleece is very springy and curly and recognised by most fibre fanatics because of its characteristic curls. 

But the sheep themselves surprisingly do not really have blue faces… The rich black skin on the sheep’s face is under a haze of short white hair which simply creates the illusion of a blue face.

So, this week we have been busily grading . The fleece is 25 micron, light, with plenty of lustre, and a very soft handle.

The hand sorted fleeces will now be sent for scouring and washed before being processed at John Arbon, Fibre Harvest Devon.

The yarn will be a gorgeous, pearly white sock weight yarn.  Keep your eyes peeled!

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