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Where’s the Wool from?

This is the first in our series about the breeds we work with…


Corriedale sheep

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Meet the working sheep dogs

When travelling around the sheep farms in the search of the best fleece wool for combing & spinning we have met some lovely sheep dogs most of them very friendly and loveable, others just scary.

Romanian sheep dog

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Fashionable Feltwork by Nongwinee Pechdasada

The amazing feltwork of Nongwinee Pechdasada

Take a look through the stunning fashion wear produced by Nongwinee Pechdasada for her BA in Fashion Print. 

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We like to go the extra mile, 8,000 to be exact!

See what we got up to the last time we visited our Falkland suppliersHere at wool tops we believe that knowing where our wool comes from and building good relationships with our famers is a vital part of the traceability of our products. We’re quite passionate about this, passionate enough to travel 8,000 miles to the Falkland Islands where some of our farmers live.

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