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From Sheep to Skein!

We here at Wool Tops are very proud of our traceability and are passionate about wool which is why we have invested time ensuring that all our suppliers are too. We now have a well established supply chain and are 100% committed to focusing on the traceability of our wool products. We have amazing talent in the UK so, wherever possible, all our production happens in Britain. We have produced this video with John Arbon and hope it gives a little insight into our daily lives at Wool Tops and John Arbon Textiles. We start with the hand selecting of...

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New yarns for 2017 - Bluefaced Leicester 4ply !

We have some great new undyed natural yarns planned for 2017. We are proud to offer our new 100% Bluefaced Leicester wool 4ply yarn, also offered with 20% optional nylon content. We have gone to great efforts to produce this rare British breed yarn. The wool itself has been double sorted, with only the very best fleeces used.  It has amazing softness combined with a light lustre and good strength.  Sold in 100g skeins with 400mtrs.

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New 5ply yarn just spun!

We have just added our latest spinning lot of natural British spun 5ply yarn.  It's a great traditional yarn undyed, which comes to life after dyeing or gentle wash before knitting. The new lot comes in 500g hanks, with approx 280 metres per 100g (1400 metres per hank) . Due to its strength makes a nice weaving type too!

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New spinning lot just completed of our Wensleydale DK

  New spinning lot just completed!   At Wooltops we spin a beautiful double knitting natural, creamy Wensleydale yarn. The fibre has many great characteristics. The Wensleydale sheep originates from North Yorkshire around the early 19th Century. It is believed they all descended from a potent ram named 'Bluecap\ who was a cross of a Mug Ewe (a long since extinct local longwool breed from the region of the River Tees) and a New Leicester Ram. Wensleydale fibre is lustrous and has a long staple. It is very shiny and the fibre has distinct long curly ringlets. The quality is...

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The Bluefaced Leicester

This week I have been busy sorting through a bale of Devon grown Bluefaced Leicester fleece.  Bluefaced Leicester is well known as one of the UK’s finest sheep breeds.   The fibre is fine, silky and lustrous. It is a long wool with an average staple length of 3 to 6 inches and has a finer, softer fleece compared to many others in the long wool family. The Bluefaced Leciester has fast become a very popular breed – this is because the fibre is so soft and luxurious, but also has durability and wears incredibly well. The fleece is very...

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